Exploring Heathrow Airport

Perhaps you’re visiting London soon, and you’re not sure which airport you should arrive in. You have the choice between Heathrow, Stansted, and Gatwick – which one do you end up picking if they’re all the same price? Well, if you’re staying in Central London then it makes sense to pick Heathrow airport because of its proximity to the West End. After all, with the Heathrow Express, you can arrive in Paddington in less than twenty minutes.

According to some of the latest statics, The Heathrow Express train has a 97% repeat travel rating, 98% reliability, and 95% overall customer satisfaction and children under 15 travel for free.  Interestingly, the service carries an average of 16,000 passengers per day.  It does all this while being the fastest train link from Heathrow to Paddington.

At the Heathrow airport, customers will find five terminals, which carry the largest amounts of passengers into the city ever year. In fact, 75 million passengers arrived and departed from Heathrow in 2015 alone, with the most popular destinations being New York, Dubai, Dublin and Amsterdam.

There continues to be a frenzy about whether Heathrow or Gatwick deserves an extra runway. The argument for Heathrow was that the planned expansion would create more jobs and mean more people visit London every year. Meanwhile, the argument for Gatwick was that it would be less expensive in the long run and be less environmentally impactful.

Numerous politicians and public figures have come out in favour of one or another, while environmental campaigners have heavily criticised the idea of adding an extra runway to Heathrow. Plans for the third runway have already been published for public consultation, but have yet to be officially approved while opposition has recently has grown to searing heights.

Should you arrive in Heathrow if you don’t care about arriving quickly?

Stansted and Gatwick do the job just fine, and you can get to central London in close to an hour. Whatever airport you end up deciding to arrive through, it shouldn’t be one of your bigger priorities. What’s more important is to have a grasp of what attractions you’re going to experience and what accommodation you’re going to settle yourself in. Take for instance the Park Grand London Heathrow HotelThis accommodation is ideal if you only plan on being in London for a day or two, and would prefer a rest-bite that’s closer to the airport.

It’s often a popular choice for business travellers, and with the Heathrow Express, guests at the hotel always have the option of getting themselves to central London in less than half an hour.

After all, you’re only going to be at the airport for a couple of hours.

Comparing Heathrow among the other airports

Features of the Park Grand London Heathrow Hotel

Music player docking stations, international satellite television channels are found in each of the rooms, along with fabulously fast Wi-Fi. Additionally, luxuriously soft, quilted sheets and linen loop around the comfortable beds in every room. Inside the hotel, you’ll find all the dining and bar facilities you could ever want.

The History behind Heathrow Airport’s terminals

Terminal 1 first opened in 1968 and was later redeveloped in 2015 and predominantly caters to domestic flight as well a smaller number of European trip hauls. The 2.5 billion pound terminal 2, also called the Queen’s terminal interestingly only opened in June 2014

Terminal 3 is Heathrow’s oldest terminal, first beginning in the early 1960s, and it’s mainly home to long-haul airlines. Terminal 4 is located on the southern edge of Heathrow and also used for long haul flights, but in addition to that, it’s used for shorter European flights. Opening in 2008, Terminal 5 another avenue for departures and arrivals.

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