Explore London through your Tastebuds

The diversity of flavours and foods in London is astonishing; if you’re a culinary fiend then travelling to London won’t just give you an insight into classic British cooking, but also Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese cuisines, just to name a few. Eating in the city has never been so easy, yes, there are a plethora of fine dining restaurants to choose from; an astounding amount of pubs to sample the classic British pub grub, however, it is the street food that creates a huge stir in the city. It is the simple art of being able to walk up to a vendor and purchase a quick bite to eat that is packed full of flavour and tantalises the tastebuds that really impresses visitors. So, when you’re visiting London, don’t forget to taste your way around the city.

london FoodPies

If you want the taste of Britain, it will come in the form of a pie. Venture into any pub in the whole of the UK and pie will be on the menu, however, for the quintessential British pie, hop on the tube to Greenwich where you will find Goddard’s, one of the oldest pie shops in the city. Over 100 years old, Goddard’s is a family run business that has been supplying locals and tourists with pie and mash for over a century and it is well known for being a stickler for tradition. Back in the Victorian age, pies were made with eel fillings due to it being a cheap meat and even though today Goddard’s pies are packed full of chicken or steak, there is an option to have your pie with a side of eel liquor so you can sample a true Great British pie.

Afternoon Tea

It should be made a compulsory travel plan to have afternoon tea in London, the home of the royal family and to some of the best restaurants in the world that take afternoon tea to another level. To taste a true British afternoon tea, take a stroll from the Shaftesbury Hyde Park International to Fortnum & Mason who offer the classic finger sandwiches, scones and finely brewed tea alongside a dessert trolley packed full of delicious pastries and cake. Fortnum & Mason are world renowned for being the experts in tea and, with 82 different brews to choose from, it isn’t hard to see why.

Street Sellers

When you’re exploring the sights of the city, it is imperative that you indulge in a street vendors wares. From burgers to hot dogs, from caramelised nuts to crepes, there is a fine selection to choose from that will satisfy every tastebud. There’s no need to worry that you won’t be able to find street food, the mouthwatering aromas will guide you to them and the great thing about it is that it still allows you to take in the landmarks while dining on some truly spectacular treats.

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