Europe’s Surprise Island Packages that Leave you Wanting More!

It is summertime, and already, you have began sweating and growing anxious over the weather. You want to take a break, and go for a holiday, to spend some time with your loved one. And, on the other hand, you want to surprise your beloved, with the best trip. Many people tend to lookout for some really beautiful and calm place, with a minimum crowd. For those in search of such places, here is Europe, presenting to you, its six wonder islands, not which many of them aware of. These islands are characterised by loneliness, and is the perfect holiday spot, to surprise your loved ones.

Island Ibiza:
Popularly known as the Island of Pine Trees, this island comprises mainly of forest areas, with thick woods broken by almonds and figs. This is suitable, especially for those who wish to go hiking or cycling, along the mountain regions. The best seafood is provided here, and the Ibiza town is home to most of the island’s clubs. Over 4 million tourists visit Ibiza, every year.

Island Mallorca:
Surrounded by twisting lanes, palaces and Gothic churches, the island comprise of various sights blissful beauty. There are several hotels, for you to rest in, and also there are village-like areas, with its own pebble beach. With citrus orchards that are sweet smelling, one who goes there is sure to have the best time of his life.

Island Lanzarote:
A large holiday camp, with huge volcanic terrain, this island is the perfect place for adventure, with its Hawaiian-like national parks. The resorts for tourists are mostly low key, which would enable an escape. One of the biggest surprise held by Lanzarote is a thriving viniculture, with lava soil, that is deep and black, enriched by the seismic history of the island. The island, is popular for its wine region, especially ‘malvasia’.

Island Rhodes:
Known for its extensively large area, Island Rhodes is also popularly known as a place for the football freaks out there. Having a relatively large area, this island will give you the feel that you are the only one, and a lot of privacy, too, with its beautiful resorts. With the best of the beaches around, protected by the ruins of a castle and prison, built in the 15th century. The island is exposed to some winds that are whipped away directly from the sea, giving some mild breeze.

Island Cyprus:
Left to float in the midst of the European Mediterranean, the island is made towards Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. Formed with kaleidoscopic blend, it seems to have got influenced culturally by Western Europe, though the geographical proximity to Asia and Africa give it an exotic feel. Cyprus consists of remote beaches, with several villages and lime-rock bay and local tea shops, to give a homely feel.

Island Crete:
Being the birth of the geek god Zeus, Crete is certainly a mythological land. Sporting a natural look, the island consists of various mountains and hillsides, which would certainly impress you at the very first sight. One of the architectural treasures of the island is a Rethymno town, that consists of a mind blowing appeal and a combination of Venetian as well as Ottoman houses. Culture is never given up, here. They are always known for their music and dances, which creates a national pride in them.

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