Enjoy Wonderful Blends of Coffee at Algerian Coffee Stores

One of Soho’s oldest shops, the Algerian Coffee Store that dates back to 1887, offers more than 140 blends of superb coffee producing the best aromas. This Soho-based shop also serves 200 types of tea that have been sourced from all over the world. It is the ideal place for lovers of hot beverages. One of their specialties is the spiced coffee blend that has a mixture of Lebanese with cardamom and Arabic with spices. The store still retains its original features that include rustic wooden shelving and counters. It is the ideal place to spend an afternoon sipping some fantastic coffee with a warm, rich aroma pervading the environment.

The Algerian Coffee Store is situated in the heart of Soho London in the midst of the city’s cultural district among French churches, Italian cafes and Chinatown. There are a lot of entertainment pubs, restaurants and cafes which are particularly busy during lunch and after work hours. It has become the epicenter of London’s nightlife where people just chill out after work in the trendy pubs and restaurants.

Besides the Algerian Coffee Store, the Patisserie Valerie is another cafe that sells delicious pastries and the Maison Bertaux is famous for its delectable croissants and cakes. In Chinatown there are many restaurants and shops selling oriental produce. There are also some small shops selling specialty teas. It is also a well known place for entertainment with a whole lot of restaurants, pubs and cafes.

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