Ditch the Daily Commute in 2014

London is not only the capital of our great country, it is also a main player in the world of business. Home to the impressive business development Canary Wharf, amongst many others, London has a large stake in the world’s economy and the city receives many thousands of commuters by road and rail each and every day.

Located on a thriving island, London is the UK’s primary gateway for overseas businesses, and it has no less than 45645 airports. Its largest international airports, Heathrow and Gatwick regularly receive entrepreneurs from the four corners of the globe looking to bring their business to the British and European market.

Business men and women across the UK can spend as much as five hours a day commuting back and forth from their offices, and with the cost of petrol constantly rising, many people are starting to feel the pinch in their travel expenses.
If you regularly visit the capital for business, why not take the headache out of rush hour traffic and endless trips up and down the M25, and choose to stay overnight in London? There are so many London accommodation options available right across the city, from guest houses and family run bed and breakfasts to quality hotels, so where ever you are working that week you are sure to find quality accommodation to suit your needs.

Staying overnight in the city for extended business trips or during project work has many benefits, including avoiding travel delays in and out of London, not to mention the congestion charges if you travel by rail. A city hotel for a night or two allows you to have dedicated time to focus on your work away from other distractions, so that when you do return home you won’t need to bring your work home with you. When your working day is done, you can then choose to travel home at an off peak time to suit you.

Take the stress out of your next commute by opting to stay overnight in the city.

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