Discovering Street Art in London

Art in London is synonymous with the kind of creativity that’s flourished all over the city’s landscape over the last century. It’s represented beautifully in various art galleries, but also equally, albeit to a lesser degree, in the street art displays. More prominently in areas in East London, travellers can enrapture themselves in a series of artworks from famous names as Banksy and B eine. While it’s perhaps easier to dismiss street art because it isn’t “officialised” the same way artworks are in famous museums, we believe that would be a grave mistake.

That’s simply because some of the most inspiring displays of ingenuity have been through street art displays. The Shaftesbury Suites at the Paddington Court London Hotel position guests in the most fabulous destination in the city – so that they can feast their eyes on the various artworks across the city.  With some of the alternative walking tours in London, guests can beautifully experience all the street art works that they would otherwise miss in London.

Art in London

What is it about art that continues to make it prosper? We believe that it’s archetypical representation of the human desire to love and appreciate sides to our reality that aren’t as easily seen in day to day life. Many of the things we intuitively feel and sense are better expressed through art. Because there are so many words, and only so many expressions you can make with your body language.

Art fills the space between what wants to be said and what can be said, and it’s for that reason that it will continue to be a mainstay in western culture for years to come. It might be a little difficult to find the various street art spots across the city if you’re wondering around by yourself or even with your family – especially if you have a full itinerary for each day. Naturally, we feel its best that you take a walking tour around Shoreditch so that the hard job of finding these street art displays can be done for you. Book your stay in London this common season, and delight in the various street art displays.


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