Discover London through the lens of Cinema

While London might not be as prodigious for being home/set of some of the highest grossing movies in history, it certainly has a knack for appearing in dozens of movies every year. Whether it be the Harry Potter movies, some of the James Bond classics, or different romantic comedies i.e. Notting Hill – something about this city attracts movie makers from around the world. So if you’re a movie buff, or you’re simply interested by the idea of taking a look at some of the scenic locations you only previously only saw on screen, keep reading to find out more about London’s fascinating movie set locations.

In the 2014 movie, Edge of tomorrow (starring Tom Cruise), there’s an iconic scene where one of the characters’ land his helicopter right in the middle of Trafalgar square (also used as a set for V for Vendetta). So if you’ve seen one of these movies, this is most certainly an area of London that’s worth visiting. And even if you haven’t, you’ll most likely be visiting the area due to its brilliance and popularity. Especially if you’re staying in central London at one of the London last minute hotels. And the same applies if you decide to stay in a scenic area i.e. the hotels Hyde park London has to offer.

London Last Miniute HotelIn the movie classic Inception, starring Leonardo Dicaprio, the protoganist meets his old lecturer at the Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre and the Flaxman gallery. While the gallery has been closed for a while, it reopened for viewing last year so guests can visit the gallery. It’s typically open between 1-5pm on weekdays and can be found near University college London, Gower street.

The 1999 hit movie Notting Hill was named after the location set it was filmed in. It’s famous for showcasing famous landmarks such as Portobello Road Market. In short, you’re an aspiring screenwriter, or work in the media industry, there’s a lot to learn from the film industry in London.

Besides the aforementioned locations, there are a ton of movie museums such as the Cinema Museum London and the London Film Museum. Other than that, the profusion of theatre venues and galleries can make for an enchanting deep discovery into the meaning of film and everything that it entails and brings forward. Book your stay in London this season, and explore the magical movie sets that pervade the city of London.

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