Colorful Events of London to Adorn the Itinerary

London, the capital of UK is a city of beauty, history, heritage, art, culture and colorful events, which all together make it a city of spectacles. Apart from its scenic beauty, historical monuments, art and culture, London attracts millions of people with its fascinating events. The city gets packed up with foreign tourists during annual events. The colorful events in London do not only offer great treat to the eyes of the visitors but also introduce them with its traditions and culture. If festivals, carnivals and events fascinate you, plan a London at a festival time. The majestic European city will gift you such a great experience that you will cherish its memory for the rest of your life.

New Year’s Day Parade

The New Year’s Day Parade or the London Parade is one of the biggest annual events and a grand spectacle that draws huge crowd every year. The Parade is such a big sensation that hotels in London, especially those which are in and around London’s West end get packed up with guests 5-10 days in advance. Over 10,000 performers from different continents with musical and colorful dance shows make it a grand spectacular street event. The Parade comes as a golden opportunity for the outsiders to enjoy a feat of entertainment which simply rocks the city. The Parade moves through the major streets of Central London greeting people and creates an atmosphere which will surely excite you. Since the first edition in the year 1987, The New Year’s Day Event has been alluring local people and visitors and its popularity has reached its peak with national and international medias giving huge attention.

Be there next year

If you are planning a London trip next year, then start your new year there. Check out availabilities of rooms in hotels, look for cheap flights and then start packing. The New Year’s Day Parade will be special next year as it is going to be the 25th anniversary. So make sure that you are present there on the opening day of 2012.

Where to Stay

Central London would be the ideal place to stay if you want to witness this grand show. There are numerous hotels of different standard from where you can enjoy the New Year’s Parade but the best option would certainly be The Shaftesbury Hotel. Situated in the Park Lane, this deluxe hotel is just minutes away from Hyde Park, one of the major Royal Parks in London and a spot through which the Parade will pass. As the Hyde Park is a huge piece of land you will find a convenient place to get a clear view of this colorful event. Or else, you can witness it from the balcony or window of your room if it offers a view of the park.

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