Breathe Fresh At The Lung of London

Scenic beauty of London

Breathtaking scenic beauty of UK drags millions of travelers from across the world. For ages, the counties and village areas of Scotland, Ireland and towns in different London boroughs have been offering travelers magnificent treat for the eyes and refreshing winds for the lungs. London, despite of being a thriving metropolitan city, is gifted with several spots where one can feel like lying on the lap of nature.

Parks and gardens in London

The UK capital is known across the world for diverse things that attract people with their unique features and the list include a number of royal parks and gardens that offer enormous scope to relax at a soothing ambience. Covered with lush greeneries, the parks and gardens in London together have been serving as the lung of London. Being a developed metropolitan and the capital of a nation, London is full of hustle and bustle and there is pollution but thanks to these magnificent green zones, people can get rid of the noises and smokes and spend some time breathing freely lying in the shadows of trees that are standing there for centuries.

The Hyde Park

Lying in the West End or Central London, the Hyde Park is one of the largest Royal Parks in UK and is certainly the most beautiful, in terms of atmosphere and scenic features. Spread over an area of 350n acres, the Hyde Park truly is the lung of London. The huge piece of Greenland is bifurcated by a magnificent recreational lake, the Serpentine, which with its diverse features, adds to the charm of the walkers. Hyde Park covers the largest area in the chain of four parks that lead to the entrance of the Kensington Palace. The other three parks that are linked to the Hyde Park are the Kensington Garden, the Hyde Park Corner and the Green Park.

Attractions of Hyde Park

Though endless greenery is the biggest attraction of this historic park, there are plenty of things in and around it that can offer great treats to the eyes. Hyde Park is mainly known for the Speakers’ Corner, a huge open air platform for public speaking and discussions. Situated in the Northeast corner of the park, the Speakers’ Corner allows anybody to speak on anything unless the police do find the speech unlawful. Close to the Speakers’ Corner is the Marble Arch, a magnificent carrara marble structure or gate that makes a prime landmark of London.

Situated in Park Lane at a stone throw distance from the Hyde Park is the Shaftesbury Hotel, which is an ideal place to stay enjoy the green treat that this historic royal park offers. Being situated in the West end, the Shaftesbury offers easy access to many other major tourist attractions in London.

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