Be a part of the Museums at Night Events

For those who are in London this summer there are a wide variety of events lined up, with one of the most anticipated being the Museums at Night events in 2014.

For all those who love to visit museums, this is a once in a lifetime event to experience, especially if you are new to London!

We all have visited a museum at some time or the other during daylight, but visiting it after twilight has a totally different feel to it. It makes things come alive and the experience can be totally unbelievable bordering on the surreal for some. You can take along the kids to what would be a most unique experience and the events that will unfold will leave them mesmerized to say the least.

The Museums at Night Events opens on the 15th of May and is on up to the 17th of May 2014. It has become an annual festival held all over the UK and was started with the idea of promoting the public to visit galleries, museums and heritage sites. It has gained popularity with a large segment of the population who find it extremely convenient to drop in at the events in the evening after-hours as it does not require them to skip work.

The event is mainly supported and funded by the Arts Council of England while additional funding is provided by Grants for the Arts for the special Connect 10 competition that is held.What makes the event period all the more special is that falls just before 18 May which is celebrated as International Museums Day.

From art to architecture, music to archeology there is a vast range of areas that are covered with events lined up for all. A great way to spend one’s evening learning about British heritage and culture and the diversity of cosmopolitan Britain. You could make reservations in a Paddington hotel for your trip, as it will offer you convenient access to different venues in the city and spend a glorious evening enjoying the panorama unfold in a vibrant and cerebrally stimulating atmosphere.

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