Attractions and Places to Visit in Kensington London

Kensington London is a posh, sophisticated and affluent area located in the west and central part of London. It is famous for being home to some of the most affluent residents of the city and it boasts of having a large variety of London accommodations including many budget hotels London and also luxury 5 star hotels. There are many attractions and places to visit in Kensington London.

The main road of the area is the Kensington High Street which is famous for its large number of a variety of shops, which is what attracts many visitors and residents of the city to this area. Visitors can admire the Queen’s Tower which is the tallest building in the area. It is a free standing structure having ten bells inside. The National History Museum has just about anything natural as an exhibit, from the tiniest creatures to the largest beasts including an amazing dinosaur which is one of the exhibits.

A must-see attraction is Kensington Palace which was once the residence of Queen Victoria and Princess Diana. It is home to the Kensington Gardens and the Queen Anne Orangery. Visitors can take a tour of the palace and they can see the amazing staircase that belonged to one of the Kings. There is also a bedroom that belonged to Queen Mary and it shows her infamous bed. It also has a museum inside which is home to five collections and shows. It is most famous for its dinosaur exhibit, featuring many dinosaur collections and skeletal remains. There are over 70 collection pieces for visitors to explore.

The Leighton House Museum is another important place to visit as it reflects the architecture of the 19th century.

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