Art and culture in London

London’s culture is multicultural, fast-paced, and above all: rich with history and novelty. The capital is one of the few spots in Europe that hosts claim to a profusion of more than 200 galleries and museums; many of which are free. That in itself is a testament to the kind of open transparency the city wants to bring out, both to its citizens, and the millions of tourists who flock to the city ever year. And with the abundance of the best London hotels, enjoying a comfortable and luxurious stay in the city, despite the number of tourists, is easier than ever.

One of these hotels is the Shaftesbury hotel London, which can be found near Paddington; an area that’s filled with an eclectic range of Shisha bars and ethnic restaurants: from Turkish, to Lebanese, and beyond. With modern en-suite rooms, an in-house restaurant, and a fitness area, guests will be dazzled by the charming opulence that resides at this accommodation.

Art and Culture in London
If one was ever to have a home away from home in the city of London, the Shaftesbury suites, despite being based in a hotel – certainly make you feel like you’re at home. And that’s a testimony to the level of service and hospitality guests experience at the accommodation.

Lovers of art will be particularly delighted by the attractions that scatter the city’s central districts. With ground-breaking photography, contemporary art, and gothic and religious art lighting up dozens of galleries across London’s scene; for cultural enrichment, there’s never been a better time to visit the capital. The Photographer’s gallery has earned a spot as one of the world’s best galleries in the world and can be found in a beautiful Edwardian warehouse in Soho.

To follow on with the theme of galleries in Soho, guests will also be able to discover places such as: The Karsten Schubert gallery, the Sadie Coles HQ, and the Pace London gallery. The latter of which is one of many – with the Pace London brand finding itself in other cities such as: Hong Kong, New York, and Beijing.

In short, London is abundant with niche and famous galleries, and with the profusion of choices – visitors to the city can often have a hard time picking which galleries to visit. Whatever ends up happening, if there’s two galleries we highly recommend, they would be the TATE Modern and the National Gallery. They both offer an enchanting insight into contemporary art, and are built to dazzle from the get go. Book your stay in London this season, and experience art like never before.

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