A holiday in London on a budget

London is the preeminent holiday destination that is popular with tourists and visitors from across the world. From stately palaces to the finest in shopping, cultural venues to iconic landmarks the city has it all. It is said that London has something for people of all age groups.

If you do plan a holiday in the city there are a wide variety of places to stay at. From fine luxury hotels like the Shaftesbury Suites London Marble Arch budget hotels there are a lot of places to stay at in the city.

"Budget hotel"

When deciding to select a hotel it is best to choose a hotel that is centrally located like the Shaftesbury Premier London Piccadilly Hotel, which will make it convenient to travel to the many attractions in the city.

Another fine place to stay with some excellent discounts and promotional offers on at all parts of the year is the Shaftesbury premier London Paddington hotel¸ which offers luxury and fine facilities all at a very affordable price.

A few tips that might come in handy when on holiday in London on a budget are:

Walk and visit many of the attractions
One of the most convenient and best ways to tour the city is by taking time to stroll around some of its wonderful neighborhoods. It will help to save a lot on travel costs and will give you ample time to explore the many attractions at leisure. Begin your tour by taking a stroll along the South Bank and move across the Millennium Bridge. Alternately you could take a tour of the area around Hyde Park and even drop in to Kensington Gardens to see the statue of Peter Pan. Another delightful place worth touring is Covent Garden Market and its many colorful stalls or even set out to explore Soho and its surroundings. One of the best ways is to get a map and set off on an exploratory tour of the city.

"South bank"

Get yourself a visitor Oyster Card
One of the best ways to save money when using the city’s public transport facilities is by going in for a visitor Oyster Card. These have a daily cap on the amount you spend on public transport and can help you to make considerable savings on most of the public transport services in London.

Make the most of public transport
One of the most iconic symbols of London is its ubiquitous black cabs. Although, if you want to save money it is recommended that you avoid using them as far as possible. They are fairly expensive to use and you will end up spending a dear sum if you use them frequently on your trip to London. A far more cost-effective option is to use the excellent public transport facilities like the buses or the Tube, which are much more economical to use, especially for those with a limited budget.

"tube train station"

Visit the city’s many parks and green open spaces
London has an abundance of parks and green open spaces, which are sometimes described as the green lungs of the city. These are lovely places to spend a relaxed afternoon or two away from the noise and bustle of the city. And they are free to visit! Some of the best parks to visit in London include Hyde Park, St. James Park and Kensington Gardens among the many famous royal parks in the city.

"Kensington Gardens"

Steer clear of the touristy areas
If you want to economise on a trip to London it is advisable to steer clear of most of the areas frequented by tourists. By staying off the beaten path you will be able to spend less as most areas and places frequented by tourists generally tend to be much more expensive. This is especially the case with shopping spots, restaurants, bars and other places that are popular with foreign tourists.

Take a tour of the many free art galleries and museums
One of the best things about the city is that there are a number of public attractions like art galleries and museums that do not charge an admission fee (or even if they do it is nominal). Places like The British Museum, the National Gallery and the V&A, are just of the many places that you can visit for free!

"British Museum"

Go in for a London Pass
Another good option to save a fir bit of money when in London is to consider the option of going in for a London Pass. It will offer you an opportunity to visit many attractions including museums and other places of tourist interest for free or at a discounted price. Definitely money well spent!

Consider joining English heritage, if you are a history buff
If you are passionate about all historical things the UK certainly has an abundance of them. And all of them are under the professional management of English Heritage. If you intend to visit a number of historical places on your trip to England, then consider becoming a member of English Heritage. The savings that you will make on your visits to these sites will be considerable.

Save when eating out
If you plan to eat out it is always a good move to ask the locals for recommendations as which places would be the most economical to eat at. Select places that are frequented by locals rather than popular with tourists as they will definitely be much cheaper. The restaurants and cafes in areas patronised by foreign tourists always tend to be pricier. Another good option is to visit any of the many food markets, where you could sample a great variety of street food at very reasonable prices.  Eating at any of the trendy restaurants or cafes on the main streets will cost a fortune. The best option is to stay away from the main streets and find other dining options a little further away.

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