A Guide to Shopping in London

With the right ideas and accommodation, you can experience an unbelievable holiday in the heart of London. Unbeknown to some, London is an eclectic city that attracts visitors for more than its shopping and diverse attractions – it’s also a place that’s booming with enterprise and business.

The majority of travellers to this city, come here to enjoy the history, art, and culture – and shopping most certainly lends itself to the culture here. Oxford Street represents London’s passion for fashion and commerce. Filled with an innumerable amount of stores, it’s essentially Europe’s busiest shopping street.

With a stay at the Shaftesbury Hotels Collection guests can enjoy a fabulous stay in a luxury hotel that does more than just provide luxury rooms. In essence, it’s a place where you can fully unwind and detach yourself from the various perturbations of your lifestyle back at home.

Some of the highlights here include a fantastic brunch menu, as well as 10% for exclusively for PCR members (the loyalty scheme at the hotel). Guests will find an abundant of Shaftesbury hotels across London, located in areas such as Marble Arch, Hyde Park, London Heathrow, and Kensington.

A great holiday begins with the right accommodation

While many see holidays as an exploration into the unknown, filled with various sights and attractions, we also believe that a great holiday begins with the right accommodation. Because if you’re not comfortable and at peace in your lodgings, then it’s unlikely that you’re going to feel the same outside –however great the city might be.

Consider the Park Grand Paddington Court for a delightful stay in the heart of the city. Not only is it presentable from the inside, but it’s also delightful from the outside. The area the accommodation is settled in is pleasant and inviting – filled with countless restaurants, cafes, and shisha bars.

Convenience is everything

Besides that, it’s close to Oxford Street, home to many of the best stores in the city. Not too far you’ll also be able to reach Kensington High Street. Unlike Oxford Street, this part of the town is a little less busy and focuses on high fashion and design.

Shopping is one of the primary reasons why millions of people travel to the city. Of course, the history of the town of London is a big part of what entices people to visit the capital too. Some of the stores on Oxford Street include River Island, H&M, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Forever 21, BHS, American Apparel, Gap, New Look, among many more.

There are also various designer stores, particularly along Regents Street – some include Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger. Here you’ll also find the mesmerising Hamleys store, home to the best toy collection in the city.

Interestingly, London is home to more than 40,000 shops in the city. So while Oxford Street may be the busiest shopping avenue in the city, it only boasts just 300 of these shops. So be sure to check out other shopping avenues, such as Kensington High Street. Westfield is a major commercial store that has two branches, one in Shepherds Bush and another in Stratford and we believe you’ll enjoy your time in either one of these venues.

One of the reasons why we recommend Westfield is because the indoor shopping centre makes for a different shopping experience to what you’re used to. Besides, with the weather – which can be a little erratic- might put you off enjoying a leisurely day of high street shopping. The indoor shopping centre acts as the perfect compromise, allowing you to shop with peace of mind and freedom. Besides, most of the major stores can be found at the store. Other famous shopping centres in London include the Bentall Centre in Kingston, Brent Cross shopping centre, and Burlington Arcade in Paddington.

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