A Gala Event: The Chinese New Year in London

The Chinese New Year is one of the most memorable events in this city of London. Contrary to the English New Year, the Chinese New Year, begins on a different time and note wherein the celebrations continue much longer. Moreover, the festival encapsulates several rituals and traditions of the Chinese people. The Chinese people who are living in London find many exciting and invigorating ways to celebrate this occasion that also involve the residents of the city. The Chinese locality in London makes different arrangements to celebrate this day that usually falls on late January or early February. If you are planning to make a trip to London during this time, you can be a part of an amazing celebration that takes place in this city.

The Trafalgar Square is vibrant and colorful during the Chinese New Year as his is the location where the Chinese people celebrate this occasion, and you will find several activities throughout the day such as traditional dragon dance and Chinese songs. The entire Chinese community gathers in this locality and enjoys the largest and most enthralling events that take place in this city. There is an exciting theme during each New Year, and you can experience the Chinese flavor and their culture if you are lucky enough to visit the city during their New Year celebration. However, you should book your tickets long before this event as you may not get your favorite flight.

The Chinese New Year in London is also a time when you will have the opportunity to gorge on delectable Chinese cuisine in the food stalls that are put up in those places where the Chinese people live. It will be a great option to arrange a family trip to London during Chinese New year celebrations, and you can also take a tour of the entire city. Therefore, of you are keen to make a combo trip, you should try to look for family accommodations at the heart of the city and all big hotels offer online booking arrangements. The city, which is home, to millions of tourists each year, gears up especially for the Chinese New Year celebrations each year.



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