5 Of The Best Attractions to Enjoy in London

Perhaps you’ve read enough articles about shopping in the city, and perhaps you’ve decided that you want something a little different. You want an exploration into some of the more niche attractions and activities in London.

While you understand that exploring a city is indeed about seeing the major sights and attractions, you recognise that at truly worthwhile trip is also about finding solace in the meaningful, rarer activities that aren’t known to every typical traveller. To that end, we’ve rounded some of the most exciting offerings in the capital – some of which you may have never heard of.

1. Climb the o2 Dome

When you think towering skyscrapers you probably think of the Big Ben, the Shard, or the Heron Tower – or even perhaps the London eye (if you count Ferris wheels among skyscrapers). But what if there was a skyscraper that wasn’t exactly as high as any of these, but a lot more exciting?

The o2 climbing experience, one of the most unique attractions in Europe, allows you to grab on a harness, boots, and a coat, and climb your way up to the top! There you’ll be greeted by enveloping view of the River Thames and the City.

The o2 Dome usually known for hosting various concerts and events, but you can now actually climb it. Found near the Greenwich peninsula it offers you an unrivalled view of London, but more importantly, the journey towards the top sets this attraction apart from the rest of the competition. Book your stay at the Shaftesbury Hotels and the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington to be relatively close to this attraction.

2.Take a visit to the Traffic Light Tree

Since you’re likely planning a lot already for your trip in London, we thought we’d provide you with a smaller attraction to visit. The Traffic light tree, a public sculpture created by French sculptor Pierre Vivant, can be found in Canary Wharf and will be something worth seeing if you’re in and around the area during your time in the city.

So what are you waiting for? Book your stay in London this and experience it at its fullest.

Often visitors to this city steer themselves towards the path that’s been taken by many. But with the tips, we’ve provided you in this article you can experience a sensational stay that lasts etched in your memories for a lifetime.

3.Eat and Drink Coffee on A Toilet

Of course, this former public Victorian toilet has been refurbished and completely renovated into the comfortable and friendly dining area that it is today. For example, the original urinals have been turned into a coffee bench. The aptly named Attendant serves inspired coffee and food perfect for breakfast, brunch and lunches featuring French toast, pastries, soups, bread, salads and cold sliced meats.

4.Watch a Movie Under the Night Sky or at the Underground Film Club

Forget about sitting in cramped and uncomfortable seats in the cinema with popcorn strewn over the place. Go outside and indulge in an open-air cinema. There is something truly magical and peaceful about watching a film under the skyline. Summer, for obvious reasons, is when pop up cinemas occur in London.  One popular pop-up cinema is The Luna Cinema where movie goers can watch movies in pretty locations. If you’re visiting in the winter, consider the Underground film club.

5.Visit the sensational Ice Bar

This place will certainly tap into your senses, but you don’t have to worry about feeling too cold. You are given a jacket and gloves for a bit of warmth!  It’s just like you imagine it but more- the bar, the walls, tables and even glasses is made out of crystal clear ice. It may sound a bit gimmicky, but it certainly makes a difference to typical Friday night drinks.


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