Shaftesbury Suites and Easter Events

Shaftesbury Suites are ideally located to a number of events taking place throughout the year in London. Tourists swarming in from different countries, in particular, tend to gravitate towards the range of festivities due to the holiday mood they’re in. During April, visitors to the capital will be ecstatic to know that the Easter periodhas an exciting range of special occasions. And so, staying in the Shaftesbury Suites during this month presents you with a delightful opportunity. One of the events taking place during this period is the famous London Marathon.The 26 mile running event has been a mainstay in the capital since the 1908 Olympics. You won’t necessarily have to take part; you can simply mill the surrounding streets on the day to get a sense of what it represents. It’s been going on for so many years, and is a cherished national event and so we whole heartedly recommend you take part just by being outside on the day on the April 26th 2015.

In a way, a number of events taking place in London don’t necessarily need active participation. Sometimes it can be enough to take pleasure in the pervading atmosphere. For instance, between the 3rd of April and the 6th of April, the country is treated to a whole four days of holidays and the weather tends to be a little warmer. You can simply take a stroll through the parks, streets and avenues, taking delight in the more casual atmosphere. After all, it’s not often that the urbane, cosmopolitan city of London takes a pause. Frantic, passionate, and dynamic are the words that best describe the city. In the break, you’ll find that everything seems to imbue a greater sense of relaxation. And so, it’s a wise decision to visit the Shaftesbury suites in the capital in April, especially if you’re after a more peaceful, serene holiday.

Many London attractions will have family friendly events. And you might very well find that the Shaftesbury suites will provide you with Easter Packages worth booking in advance. Either way, it’s clear so far that there are a host of benefits to visiting the city during April. The sun begins to shine a little more, and the daffodils begin to bloom, while the quaint royal Parks suddenly become more attractive to visit, as the cold winds of the past few months begin to settle.

Other events taking place during this period include the WWE Raw &Smackdown at the o2 Arena, perfect for a family outing for a thrilling, fun time. You’ll also find that Canary Wharf during the bank holiday weekend early April will have face-paintings, costumed characters, and family games while Kew Gardens will be hosting a traditional Easter Egg Hunt. In short, the Shaftesbury suites pit you right in the centre of it all.

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London last minute hotels and road trips work together

Booking London last minute hotels are sometimes something that have to happen. Sure it would be best to book your accommodation far in advance to get a cheaper rate. But life can give you its toss and turns, and suddenly you can find yourself needing to visit the city of London immediately; because of an urgency, convenience, or simply because there’s no better time than now. Although getting there as soon as you can is understandably a priority, demonstrated by the way you’ve booked things so last minute; we nevertheless recommend a road trip if you’re going as a family.

Travel is essentially a means to an end. You want to get from A to B in as little time as possible. Walks become bus journeys, bus journeys become train journeys… All to get you where you want to get to fast as possible. Roads trips on the other hand are pretty slow. They flip things around in the sense that the travel journey no longer becomes a simple, means to an end. It’s no longer just about getting to the London last minute hotels. Rather, a road trip with a group symbolises the value of taking a journey together, in both patience and comfort. They might not be the most convenient thing in the world, but it’s hard to disagree that they bring the family together.

Despite that, it can be overwhelming to think how you’re going to last the journey with your kids in the back. Their screaming antics, requests and annoyances are something you’ll have to deal with while staying focused on the road. Maybe it’s only the thought of arriving at the last minute booked hotels in London that will keep you sane.But alas, as the passage of time begins to take its course on your journey, you’ll grow used to their periodic antics. Plus, you’ll notice they’ll lessen as they get more and more used to their temporary abode. We recommend that you get a pair of in car DVD screens on the back of your chairs in the car. Although we’ve mentioned road trips provide the perfect avenue for family time, on a road – there’s only so much you can say to keep them entertained – especially when you’re driving.

When you pull off by the gas station for a pause, for a meal – that’s where you can take real pleasure in their company. There’ll be other pull off points too of course, where you can rest, stretch and play with your kids – completely disconnected from your usual environment of just seeing them in the house after work. On a journey like this, you do really feel at one with your family.

We understand booking London last minute hotels can be a little on the expensive side. And so, we also recommend road trips because they help you save money. Plus they help you save on the stress of arriving at the airport venue on time, and worrying about how the journey is going to go, or if there are going to be any delays. Road trips put everything in your hands, let you move at your own pace, and let you spend quality time together with your family.

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Hotels in Kensington London promise you 10 ways to save money

Hotels in Kensington London epitomise the principal location from which you should begin your adventure in London. Within the capital, you’ll find an overflow of destinations worth visiting. In this post, we’ll explore which particular spots are ideal for first time visitors on a budget. The city is so huge, and with so many attractions, it’s not easy get a full grasp of what the city really, and truly has to offer. This article will be principally focused on destinations for budget travellers, looking to get a fulfilling, rich experience from the city while saving money.

Accommodation and travel expenses already take up so much of our budget. And money is often the determining factor that prevents people from travelling more. That’s why we insist on getting the best deals you can by looking for different travel and accommodation options well in advance. That’s clearly demonstrated, for instance by the hotels in Kensington London– who tend to provide lavish accommodation for better prices, the earlier you book your stay.

You can find many food joints in the city which offer great prices, and don’t compromise on quality. Some of these include oriental restaurants; such as Pho – a small food place found in London’s Fitzrovia serving delightful street-style Vietnamese dishes. Or there’s Nando’s – a chain of restaurants that serves great, different plates of chicken cooked in your preferred marinade.

Many of them, including the National British History Museum, offer a great, educational experience into the country’s heritage – for free! Others charge a nominal amount and so all in all, museums offer a great opportunity for a day out for a group! All of them are easily accessible by tube, from instance from the station right by the hotels in Kensington London.

4)Royal Parks
The city is often portrayed as being an urbane, commercialized, cosmopolitan city. But when you visit these parks, you very get little sense of that. Regents Park, Hyde Park, and Richmond Park – form the three major nature spots worth visiting. Grand in size, bountiful in nature fields – they’re a far cry from the hustle and bustle of inner city London. They present the opportunity to feel at peace, in ironically, one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Funnily enough, the hotels in Kensington London are ideally located nearby to all these parks.

5)Comedy Events
Events are an overriding theme in the city, and a quick Google search for ‘events in London’ will whip up an extraordinary amount of results. Angel Comedy is and the Freedom Fridge Comedy Night are some of the most popular, free comedy events worth taking a look into.

There are so many supermarkets in London, and it can be a little difficult to imagine where you can find the cheap stuff. Asda, Tesco’s, Iceland, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s crowd the city. But not to worry, because the city does have a plethora of market sales, particularly on the weekend, open to view. Brixton Market, located in Lewisham Car Park, is just one of many, and offers a variety of fresh produce for better prices.

7)Thrift Stores
With so many boutique, high-end department stores on sight around the hotels in Kensington London, it can be a little difficult to imagine where you can find the cheap stuff. The East End Thrift Store gives shoppers looking for new clothes for reduced rates an avenue they can explore. Absolute Vintage, found on Brick Lane, is also another one worth mentioning. You’ll be surprised to know that the quality of the clothing is exceptional, it’s just second hand – but at least it doesn’t cost a dime.

8)Free Exhibitions
It’s clear so far that there’s quite a bit off stuff that’s free in London. From great parks, museums, and comedy events. But you’ll also find free exhibition’s too! The Humans Right Humans Wrongs presents more than 300 examples of post-war journalism. There’s also the ‘Cravings: Can your food control you?’ exhibition. It’s found in the Science Museum in Knightsbridge, not far from the hotels in Kensington London and fascinatingly takes you on a crash course to see if you can control your urges.

9)Free Music
When you just thought we were done in the free stuff in London… oh yes there’s more! The Blues at the Bullet at the Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park provides guests with a free blue band performance. At the Ain’t nothing but Blues Bar, Soho you’ll find Oliver Darling – a bluesman playing ‘50s  blue, rock n’ roll alongside his band. Of course you’ll have to pay to see some bigger names in the capital, but visiting some of these free music spots is something worth considering. Especially considering both the aforementioned venues at close to the hotels in Kensington London.

10)Family days with kids
If you’re visiting the city with your kids, then you’ll obviously want to delight them with a bit of fun. The V&A Museum of Childhood is home to collection of toys, games, and costumes and has been open since 1872. It’s free and it’s found in Bethnal Green, not too far from the hotels in Kensington London and is the principal venue we recommend you visit if you’re visiting London with family.

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Cheap Hotels in London are ideal for Mother’s day

Cheap hotels in London are rare, especially during days marked by celebration. Nevertheless, there are a few accommodations that do provide affordable rates-along with the benefits you deserve. On the 15th March,Mother’s day, guests visiting the Shaftesbury hotel will be glad to know that the accommodation will be offering special additions to your stay, including afternoon teas and a bouquet flower service. More importantly, guests will have an affordable, comfortable living experience in the heart of London.

The year is marked by a number of special days, and more often than not, we tend to forget a certain few. Mother’s day is most certainly one we’d prefer to not to.It’s not often that we take the time to show we appreciate our mothers, clearly demonstrated by the fact we even have a Mother’s day!But the significance a mother plays in the role of one’s life is clear. Gifts are certainly one way of showing we care, a bouquet of flowers has the same effect, but giving her attention and time and sharing a day together is something else. In short, flowers and gifts can be a wonderful addition, but not a foundation for a Mother’s day.

Naturally, it would be best to plan a day out. You can do that through a number of ways, especially if you’re staying at one of the cheap hotels in London and we suggest taking a family cruise along the River Thames. You’ll enjoy a panoramic view from your comfortable abode as you swiftly, elegantly swiftly stream across the river bed.Most cruises provide an Afternoon Tea and other complimentary benefits. Meaning, you’ll have a real treasure of an experience with your mother.

Other things you can do include taking your mother for a delightful spa massage treatment in St Martins Courtyard as well as going for an eventful, quaint flower course at the Covent Garden Academy of flowers. Staying in the cheap hotels in London positions you ideally to a number of exciting venues in and around the capital city. In short, it doesn’t really matter what you do, so long as you enjoy the day out.

You can even simply take the time to walk across the parks of London – meaning you don’t have to necessarily do anything expensive. The point is, taking the day off and dedicating it to family is important on this day. If it’s particularly cold outside, you can simply visit her from wherever you’re staying. Whether that’s at a cheap hotel in London or elsewhere. If for whatever reason you’re not free on the day, you can simply book a beauty, therapy day in one of the many massage and spa centres for her around the cheap hotels in London.

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St Patricks near the best London hotels in 2015

The best London hotels are usually found in the middle of the capital. That’s because they’re surrounded by a profusion of attractions as well as close reach to a number of exciting festivities. It makes sense that those visiting the capital would want to be where all the action takes place. 2015 is no exception, and between the Tuesday March 15th and Thursday March 17th, the city will host a number of small celebrations in Trafalgar Square under the theme of St Patricks Day. If you decide to come along, you’ll find an Irish Food Market, Irish Music and dance, as well as a number of family friendly activities. There will also be a lively parade, beginning outside Green Park station, passing by some of London’s most notable areas including: The Ritz, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, and Whitehall.

It’s a 1.5mile route, and you can expect to have a day full of fun and celebration if you decide to par-take in the celebrations. It’s quiet clear that staying at the best London hotels naturally positions you in and around the parade, and the other festivities taking place on St Patricks. The Shaftesbury collection of hotels is one of the finest examples of accommodation that combine affordable rates and an elegant stay – in the epicentre of the city.And so if you’re looking to visit London anytime soon, then March might be the month for you.

St Patricks has its roots in Irish culture and is a religious celebration that has lasted through the ages. It was made an official Christian feast day in the 17th century and commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. In Ireland, they celebrate a little more boisterously, donning green attire and shamrocks. Shamrocks, or a three leaved plant is said to have been use to explain the Holy Trinity to the triple deities. In England, the Queen used to present bowls of shamrocks to members of the Irish guards. In 2008, during Trafalgar’s day the water in Trafalgar Square fountains was dyed green to add a nice touch to the celebrations. As you venture out from the best London hotels during St Patricks you’ll find yourself noticing a lot of green everywhere. Even though it has its roots in Ireland, it’s celebrated in countries all over the world including: Canada, Argentina, Australia and Ireland.

It’s also worth mentioning that during the affair, guests living near or in best London hotels will be happy to know that there’ll also be comedy and film festivals at particular venues in Trafalgar Square. Meanwhile, many restaurants will be serving traditional, delectable dishes of Irish fare. Meaning, the celebration is not only performed outside on the streets. It covers the whole central area of the city for the period of its celebration, right by the best London hotels.

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Independence at its best, a weekend in London alone.

When many of us think of booking a vacation in London we never really think of going to one of the world’s biggest cities on our own, this article is going to look at the pros and cons to going traveling alone, and also some facts of London that no matter who you are with, they remain the same.

London facts are simple and impressive they are big and bold and here are some facts to allow for you to realise just how big the city is
•One of the busiest cities in the world
•Over 5 million tourist each year
•Most popular tourist destination in the world
•London is the largest city in Europe
•London occupies over 620 square miles
•Population of over 7 million residents
•Approximately 12% of Britain’s love in London
• Home to the tallest building in Europe, The Shard
•London was the first city in the word to have an underground
•Home to over 100 theatres.
•Home to the world’s busiest Airport, Heathrow
oOver 72 million people use this airport each year

When looking at these figures and facts, it goes to show how big London is, it is easy to feel insignificant in a city so large, it can also feel very liberating when it comes to travelling to London alone and independently. Being in a big city should not be intimidating, though it is easy to why it can be, it should be a great time in anyone’s life, and when it has been done once it will not take much persuasion to do it again.

There are many benefits to travelling independently to a city like London, people are able to do it on a whim, purchasing a train ticket or jumping in the car, searching or London last minute hotels will also give you great deals. When it comes to attractions in London it is never going to be a lonely experience, with so many people around you won’t feel so alone. Each of the attractions in London are a popular and wonderful experience, though, if you attend the galleries and museums, often getting lost in your own thoughts can be freeing.

It is not only the galleries and museums that offer peace, it is also the parks and the gardens that offer relaxing afternoons. Afternoon tea in the city can be done comfortably alone. When it comes to dining in the evening one can make reservations at different restaurants, the choice of room service might be available from your accommodation choice, or there could be an onsite restaurant for you dine in.

There is also the West End, it makes no odds whether one is alone, or with a group of friends, the West End is a wonderful experience.  Many people might feel intimidated or frightened when it comes to travelling to a city like London, but when one see’s all the options that are available to them, it can soon become very tempting to book a single ticket to escape for a while with yourself and your thoughts.

There is also the other side of London that has not been discussed, a spa break for one, many people like to do this with others, but having a break on your own to truly relish in the feelings and the relaxation that is being offered is again freeing for the mind, body and soul, escaping from the busy lives we lead each day and being able to have a little time to self-reflect.

Going to London with people is also a great experience as one is able to share their experiences with others, and not that London is not a safe place, but being with someone is safer, especially if you feel vulnerable or think you might be targeted as a vulnerable individual. Though it must also be said that people in London are usually far too busy to be bothered with tourist.

Over all London is a wonderful place and welcomes everyone, it is friendly social, busy and enjoyable no matter who you are or what the reason is for traveling.

Many people have to travel to the city alone for business reasons, on a daily basis there are many independent travellers wondering around the city, take a trip that you will remember, sometimes a break alone is a wonderful way for you to not only open your mind and relax but also for you to meet new people, whether these are hotel guests, other diners, or people in a bar.

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An area with everything, Kensington has it all.

Kensington has it all, gardens, parks, palaces, museums, galleries, restaurants, hotels and so much more. It is one of the most desired areas of the capital city and welcomes millions of tourist, visitors and residents each year. This article is going to discuss and explain what it is about Kensington that is so wonderful, looking at hotels, attractions and restaurants.

Hotels in Kensington London
Where to start when there are so many wonderful options to choose from, many are rated 4-5 stars and all of them are worthy of their ratings. Each establishment within this area will offer a different experience and something to remember. Personal experiences would advise one to make a bed and breakfast reservation and if the hotel restaurant takes ones fancy then a booking can be made, however, there are so many beautiful places for one to dine in when it comes to Kensington that sampling as much as possible would be suggested.

Dining in Kensington
Here is a short list of recommendations, there are many more options but here is a collection of the best value and quality when it comes to dining in the city, with so many options made available it can be daunting, here is a list of examples of what is available.

Launceston Place
1A Launceston Place, Kensington, London, W85RL            ££££
An all-round award winning restaurant, this private dining space is a wonderful choice for couples and families to enjoy a delectable meal together, with a changing menu throughout the seasons, and a wine list to impress any connoisseur.

The Terrace on Holland Street
33c Holland Street, London, W84LX                £££
Very private and quaint, with just 10 tables available reservations should be made to avoid disappointment, there’s a saying that “little of the best is better than a lot of rubbish” this has never been more true than with this restaurant.

Min Jiang
Royal Garden Hotel, 2-4 Kensington High Street, London, W84PT     £££
A delectable Asian menu that will get the mouth-watering, fantastic offers and choices available, sharers and large table bookings available, for the best duck in London confirm 24 hours in advance for the freshest and tastiest about.

Kitchen W8
11-13 Abingdon Road, London, W86AH                £££
With a tasty lunch and dinner menu available, this is a great option for any time of the day, the ambience will change with the hours of the day, on the menu one can expect A La Carte, Set Menu, Sunday Menu, Tasting Menu, each will have a range of ‘English Style with a French Soul.’

47 Kensington Court, London, W85DA
With a tasty French menu available, some of the finest wines to sample, with a breakfast, lunch, early evening and weekend menu available, it goes without comment that this establishment is accommodating as well as mouth-watering.

Kensington Attractions

•    Serpentine Gallery
o    Kensington Gardens, London, W23XA
An inspiring venue for anyone to enjoy and appreciate, this gallery often has exhibitions, shows, demonstrations and so much more for visitors to enjoy. For a day out with a difference and to get a little inspired and creative give Serpentine Gallery a visit.

•    Albert Memorial
o    Kensington Gardens, A Royal Park
The Albert memorial, located in Kensington Gardens is an iconic and beautiful vision, if one appreciates the outdoors and is enjoying the tranquillity and peacefulness of the gardens, then taking a moment to stand back and appreciate the vision is over whelming.

•    Serpentine boating lake
o    Kensington Gardens, A Royal Park

A fun experience for the entire family, taking a boat to row on the lake is not only relaxing but fun for children. Taking time out from the city to float on the water for an hour can really open the mind and allow for perspective to take over.

Getting about London via Kensington

Using the underground is going to be the best way to get about the city, it is the fastest and most cost efficient, here are each of the stations in Kensington and the connecting lines.

Notting Hill Gate – Central, Circle and District Lines
Holland Park – Central Line
High Street Kensington – Circle, District Line
Earls Court – District, Piccadilly Line
Gloucester Road – Circle, District and Piccadilly Line
South Kensington – Circle District and Piccadilly Line

N.B There is an over-head line and buses, as well as taxi’s, back cabs and private hire cars available.

It goes without saying anymore that Kensington really does have some of the best days and experiences available, with everything one could require for a perfect stay in the city, getting about the city is also simple with the connections that are available. Heading to the capital does not have to be manic, it can be a slow, relaxing and wonderful experience.

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Feel alive in Notting Hill.

Notting Hill is one of the best areas of London if one is looking for fun and entertainment for the weekend. London as a whole is a very social place, dining, heading to a bar, going for a dance, at the weekend, after a day in the office or with friends, it is the norm in London.

Not only is Notting Hill a popular choice all year round, it is exceptionally popular when it comes to markets and the famous Portabella Road, there is also the Notting Hill carnival that takes place once a year each August. It is estimated that over 1 million people attend the carnival each year. It is a safe and organised celebration and there are thousands of police present.

When it comes to Notting Hill there are many different choices of accommodation. One of the best value and most popular has to be the London Premier Notting Hill; this accommodation is one of the most relaxing and comfortable establishments in the city, with friendly and welcoming staff. Each of the rooms offers you all the amenities that one would require for a comfortable stay;

•Complimentary Wi-Fi and Broadband
•Room service
•In-room tea and coffee making facilities
•A hair dryer
•Each room has an electronic door and key
•Fresh flowers are used throughout the establishment
•Bathrobes and slippers available upon request
•Mood lighting to suit any ambience
•Night time reading lights
•Iron and ironing board
•Complimentary toiletries
•32” plasma TV in most of the bedrooms
•Telephone in all rooms

If anything does not meet ones standards then do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff who will assist you and with a 24 hour reception there will always be someone to speak to.

Not only is accommodation popular in this part of London, but also dining, depending on what type of food your taste buds fancy, there is something available there are many different restaurants with a wide range of price tags.

Here is a guide to the top five restaurants in Notting Hill, including price ranges and addresses.

The New Angel
39 Chepstow Place, London, W24TS    ££££
The New Angel has a varied European menu with a twist of French added, not only is the menu mouth-watering, but the wine list is also impressive. This is said to be a must visit when and if in the area.

The Notting Hill Kitchen
92 Kensington Park Road, London, W112PN    £££
This is a beautiful restaurant that offers platters and shares for starters, allowing people to get more taste from the menu, the main courses include a variety of shellfish and seafood, as well as a delectable taste of Spain and Portuguese.

Beach Blanket Babylon
45 Ledbury Road, London, W112AA        £££
Effectively known as BBB, it was first opened in 1990, and is located within an old Georgian Mansion in the heart of Notting Hill.  Not only is there a delectable English menu, but there is also a fabulous choice of vegetarian dishes. No amount of words will do this establishment justice, a visit is necessary.

14 Blenheim Crescent, London, W111NN    ££
This is a very popular restaurant that has been serving Asian cuisines and the best cocktails in this part of London. It is open all through the week and has been serving since 2001 and is still as busy and popular today than it was 14 years ago when the first plate was served.

Saporitalia Pizzeria Ristorante
222 Portabella Road, Notting Hill, London, W111LJ    ££
The name says it all, only the reviews and feedback says more, this is apparently the best pizzeria in London, it if often stated that this is a must experience and the most scrumptious pizzas and flavours are available here. And located in the heart of Portabella Rd it is convenient for brunch, lunch and dinner.

There are many associations when it comes to Notting Hill, as mentioned the world famous carnival, Portabella Road and markets, and the film it’s self that was filmed here. Notting Hill the film, put the area of London permanently on the map, it is now one of London’s most visited film sets. To this day and since 1999 when the film was premiered Portabella Road has attracted millions of tourist and visitors each year.

This is an exciting and area of London, an entire weekend break can be spent here, there are so many different attractions and things to keep everyone occupied, if crowds and busy places are not your thing then avoid the area completely during the End of August celebrations.

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Spend a day with the real animals of London.

London zoo is one of the top attractions in the capital city. It attracts thousands of visitors each year, some residents of London and the surrounding areas and others tourist from way out of town. Listed are some tips of accommodation, visits to the zoo, the best times to go and how to get cheaper and faster entry as well as information about the Zoo.

About the Zoo
Located in central London, this Zoo is the home of many different animals from around the world including;

•An Aquarium
•Rain Forest Life
•Butterfly Paradise
•Different species of Birds
•Komodo Dragons
•Animal Adventure
•Into Africa
•Reptile House
•Bugs from around the world
•Galapagos Tortoises
•Meet the Monkeys
•Pygmy Hippos
•Tiger Territory
•Gorilla Kingdom

With so many animals for visitors to enjoy, this I sure to be a fun filled day, if you plan ahead with your visit then hopefully getting to see the feeding times will not be a problem, there are so many fun experiences and sites to witness. The zoo is open from 10am each day, it closes at different times depending on the season, check ahead to confirm the closing times. Not only are you ale to visit with friends and family, but party bookings are also available, contact the zoo directly for more information. And remember that purchasing tickets online and in advance will not only gain you entry but there will be no cueing.

Whether you are visiting London for the Zoo or just hoping to fit in a visit, one of the best locations to stay in has to be Hotels Hyde Park London, it is close enough to all the attractions without being central for the business that the city holds, when it comes to accommodation location is everything, a city like London that has so many opportunities, travel is always going to be imminent, whether you stay in Piccadilly where hustle and bustle is or whether you stay further afield. Obviously the further out of London the cheaper the accommodation is going to be.

Hyde Park is located around the corner from the Zoo so getting to spend a day with the animals is easier and it will save you time being located close by, it is a 15 minute journey when travelling by car, so if you are tired after the day out it will not be long before one can rest.

To make sure one has a busy and fun filled day or to make a day a little more memorable and special, especially if visiting with children, then why not seek information about becoming a keeper for the day, Or how about V.I.P feeding treatment, this is an experience that will be fun for everyone. At the zoo one can also enquire about the photography workshop that involves the animals. If it is a celebration or birthday party why not see the party packages that are available at the Zoo, they run all through the year so each child can have a more memorable birthday celebration.

A trip to the zoo should be fun filed and exciting, children love to be around the animals, and with such a wide selection here, with feeding times and shows available no one will want the day to come to an end.

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Wimbledon; London biggest annual event.

Many thousands of people each year head to London between June and July to see the tournament take place, it is one of the most celebrated sports, not only with the public, but celebrities and the royal family. It was first established as Wimbledon is 1868, it is a sports that is wonderful for the whole family, many sorts today are dominated by one sex or one age bracket, this is not the case when it comes to tennis, hence why it is such a popular sport. Women, Men and Children play and compete, there is something uniting about the game and it brings families and supporters together.

Wimbledon is associated with class and elegance, it is a sport to be appreciated, often cucumber sandwiches, champagne and strawberries are served, if people are heading to the capital city for the event then why not make sure the choice of accommodation matches the experience, Shaftesbury suites are a wonderful way for anyone to be able to relax surrounded by luxury.

Each of the suites comes complete with;
•Complimentary fresh fruits and bottled water
•Ironing and ironing board
•In room tea and coffee making facilities
•Electronic door locks
•Sippers on request
•Bath robes on request
•Free Wifi
•Air Conditioning

There are many other accommodation choices, but if the best is what one is looking for, and the experience of luxury for the entire break then choose wisely, not only are Shaftesbury suites some of the best available, they are also more affordable than one might be lead to believe.

Once the luxury accommodation has been chosen, there is only one thing left; time to enjoy the match. If one finds themselves a little more of a fanatic then booking a tour of the grounds should be high on the list of priorities, there is a full sized museum that allows for people to obtain facts, see trophies and video footage of some of the finest moments in tennis history.  So long as the season isn’t in its peak a tour of the lawn is also available for booking. This is an experience everyone can enjoy together, after all this is a family sport that welcomes everyone.

There are hundreds of attractions for people to see every day doing something different like a tour of Wimbledon can be liberating, especially if one thinks of themselves as a fan of the game. For fans this is a must experience, have a tour of the museums and the grounds, An entire day or weekend can be spent here, especially when there is a tournament underway, not only is one able to enjoy the game and the museum, the grounds and the available tours, there are also many on site restaurants that will tickle the taste buds, and if cucumber sandwiches and strawberries are not your thing then check out the various menus that are available. A day or weekend spent here is one worthy experience, a treat, a celebration, a weekend away, this is one that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

The museum was opened to the public in 2006 by The Duke of Kent, the museum has many artefacts homes here, some date back as far as 1555. Many museums can appear daunting and boring, this particular one is not only interesting, but it is interactive, with touch screen appliances available for the public to obtain further information at their own pace.

In the museums guests can also expect to see running movies of past and present payers and games, there is also an extensive collection of the whites, the games people’s attire. If guests want to take a little something with them then visit the gift shop, there are many items and memorabilia here for one to choose from. Making a purchase for yourself of as a gift for someone else, for people who enjoy the sport this is a treat that will be treasured.

Even though the tour and the experience of going to Wimbledon is the highlight of any fans life, nothing compares to sitting on centre court, especially when one thinks of the games that have been held here and the trophies that have been won and the broken records, having a tour of centre court before you take position and watch the match unfold in front of you.

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